Kåre Mikkelsen Jonsborg (1912-1977)

– The artist who sparked a new era in Norwegian tapestry and arts.

Kåre Jonsborg. At work painting a tapestry cartoon. Photo: Kåre Jonsborg´s photo archive

Kåre Jonsborg was en excellent painter. However, it was when Kåre Jonsborg´s tapestry in Oslo City Hall (Oslo Rådhus) was hung up in 1950 that a new area in Norwegian arts begun. The development of this tapestry lead to the establishment of “Norsk Billedvev A/S” which would produce many of Kåre Jonsborg´s, as well as other artists, tapestries in the years to come. Please see the tapestry section of this website for further details.

Kåre was educated at “Statens håndverks-og kunstindustriskole” and “Statens Kunstakademi” in Oslo under Axel Revold, Jean Heiberg and Georg Jacobsen. Among these it would be Georg Jacobsen who would influence him the most.

Based on the knowledge aquired thorugh in-depth analysis of old Italian and Dutch renaissance paintings combined with studies of medieval tapestries, Kåre Jonsborg created impressive works of arts to be hung in many prominent locations in Norway.

Kåre was Born in Oslo. However, he grew up at Grinder in Solør. He lived his adult life in Oslo, but spent his summers at Borøy outside Tvedestrand together with his family. Kåre Jonsborg was awarded the King´s Medal of Merit in gold 1 July 1952.

If you would like to learn about the life of the artist, the book “Kunstneren Kåre Mikkelsen Jonsborg: Jakobineren fra de store skoger” by Ruth Waadeland is highly recommended.

The book “Norsk Billedvev – et atelier og en epoke” by Øistein Parmann will tell you the story about the tapestry art movement that Kåre Jonsborg initiated. The book is available at the Norwegian national library website nb.no



Kåre Jonsborg: Playing his home built baroque Lute. Photo: Kåre Jonsborg´s photo archive.
Kåre Jonsborg – self portrait. Year 1951. 0,27 x 0,35 meter. Photo: Jannie Jonsborg Pedersen

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