About the artist

This is a website about Kåre Mikkelsen Jonsborg 1912 – 1977 made by Atle Pedersen. Please drop me an email for comments: atlejp@gmail.com

If you would like to learn about the life of the artist, the book “Kunstneren Kåre Mikkelsen Jonsborg: Jakobineren fra de store skoger” by Ruth Waadeland is highly recommended.

Kåre Jonsborg. At work painting a tapestry cartoon. Photo: Kåre Jonsborg´s photo archive

Born in Oslo.

Educated at “Statens håndverks-og kunstindustriskole” and “Statens Kunstakademi” under Axel Revold, Jean Heiberg og Georg Jacobsen.

One of the key people behind the establishment of “Norsk Billedvev A/S”.

Kåre Jonsborg: Playing his home built baroque Lute. Photo: Kåre Jonsborg´s photo archive.
Kåre Jonsborg – self portrait. Year 1951. 0,27 x 0,35 meter. Photo: Jannie Jonsborg Pedersen