Ski Rådhus (Ski Community Hall). “Hester og hestekarer”

In the community hall of Ski just outside of Oslo, Norway, there hangs a 1976 version of the tapestry “Hester og hestekarer” (“Horses and horsemen”). There are two known versions of this tapestry. The other version was woven about 10 years before by Olaug Hansen. Mr. Jonsborg sometimes allowed for more than one version to be woven. It is unknown who has woven the 1976 version of the tapestry. If you know, or know the details of how the tapestry ended up there, please inform the web editor so that he can give the person the proper credits.

Kåre Jonsborg´s “Hester og hestekarer” (“Horses and horsemen”) that hangs in Ski community hall (Kommunestyresalen, Ski Rådhus). 1,94 x 1,24 meter. The tapestry has been bleached by the sun, but still beautiful as it hangs today. Photo: Atle Pedersen (2019)
Overview of community board hall in Ski (“Kommunestyresalen, Ski rådhus”). Kåre Jonsborg´s tapestry on the right side, and a copy of the Baldishol tapestry on the left side. Photo: Atle Pedersen (2019)
Panoramic photo giving an overview of the hall on the 6th floor at the top of the building where Kåre Jonsborg´s tapestry hangs. Photo: Atle Pedersen (2019)
Ski community hall from the outside. Photo: Atle Pedersen (2019)
Kåre Jonsborg´s tapestry: “Hester og hestekarer” (“Horses and horsemen”). From about 10 years before. Year: 1966. Woven by Olaug Hansen and KH?. Owner/location unknown. Although this is an old colour photo, it is worth noticing the difference in colours (this photo likely taken when the tapestry was new in 1966) Photo: Kåre Jonsborg´s photo archive
Copy of the Baldishol tapestry that hangs in the same hall as Kåre Jonsborg´s tapestry. Photo: Atle Pedersen (2019)